Saturday, December 31, 2011

6 months down! Unnerving news

Wow I can't believe I'm already 6 months prego it went by so fast. We arrrre so excited to have a little baby boy join us. We are naming him McCoy Marshall Hansen. My favorite is that even though hunter doesn't quite understand what's going on, he still will lean over my belly and say "i love u baby" makes me tear up every time. Lately ive been feeling so blessed...that life is just so sweet ....I'm so grateful for my sweet family..this imperfect, crazy wonderful life we have created together and learned from. Sometimes when life seems this sweet I get on guard cause there has to be some opposition around the corner...the beauty of life and learning...which I'm not complaining but ever once in a while I get on guard. We had the routine ultrasound at 20 weeks with mccoy and the tech was so great. She absolutely loves her job so it was a great experience. Jas and I always cry ha ha. We have tender hearts ok!! Lol. Well went in for my 24 week appt and doctor sits down and says how are u, hows ur other son is he pretty healthy?..."i looked at ur ultrasound and everything looks great, I don't want u to worry but I did find something..." Immediately my heart skipped a beat and I put on my straight poker face so he wouldnt know I was already freaking out inside. " I found cysts in the babys brain...which are sometimes soft markers for down syndrome or trisomy (a condition babies don't live long from) so the next thing we look at is the heart and ur little guys heart is perfect and strong, then we look at ur age and ur young so I don't see any need to worry or do further testing I think its jyst normal and u don't need to worry" so as I sat there processing ...i remembered when at 16 weeks they offered a test to check for down syndrome which I declined because I didn't think anything of it and I also silently said to heavenly father...if I ever do have a ds baby, it won't matter ill love it jyst the same. ... My thoughts went everywhere. I know the doctor said he wasnt worried and I shouldn't worry but as a mother I worry. Jas wasnt there with me so he had a rough tine when I told him. He had a lot of questions, questions I couldnt even think of. He worries about us very much. I know that most often than not, cysts in brain are nothing to worry about. All I know is that we love this baby already so much and no natter what happens we will keep our faith and trust in God and continue to pray for our patience and understanding with whatever His will is for us .
Hunter was being examined by hus doctor and he said" did u know ur son has a heart murmur? I'm sure its nothing to worry about " ...ya I didn't know that and when doctors say don't worry...u automatically worry! This little boy is so smart and he talks so much. My favorites lately have been when he stops what hes doing, looks at me speculatively , throws his arms around me and says "mommy I love you soo much" it melts my whole being. I live watching my little family grow and experience life. Something as simple as taking hunter to see christmas lights brings me to tears because Its a dream I always had as a child to have a family of my own who loves eachother so much, who goes through lifes hard trials clinging to eachother... Im very grateful for all the years I've lived and for the amazing gifts that have been given to me that I call my family and friends.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WHere has the time gone!?

HOLY COW!!! TIme flies by way too fast. Its been a while since Ive been on here! WE went camping and fourwheeling a while back! We LOVE these trips! They really are our favorite things to do. We had a blast with Jason's sister, hubby and boys. Cole and Ash took me on a hike and we walked straight into a herd of elk! They were literally surrounding us! It was really neat and It made me really excited to go elk hunting with Jas next year.
Hunter is a fourwheeling fool... I thought I was bad?? gees this child could not get enough of them. If they werent on, hed be climbing on them just waiting for when we would leave again. At one point on a ride we went over a bump at a weird angle and Hunter flew forward, hit the gas cap and it put his tooth through his lip! He cried for maybe 15 seconds until he realized that we were still on the he was all good!He would fall asleep on the ride and as soon as we stopped it he would wake up crying saying "No, i want 4wheeler ride!" It was insane. We just love him
Wyatt, Bridger and Hunter are great together and they absolutely love eachother. Its fun to have cousins around his age.
I went hunting and fishing with Jas and our cousin. (This was right before it snowed on us and I froze ha)

He turned 2 in August! I CANT BELIEVE MY BABY IS 2!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! He has been so sweet. Some things about him that I LOVE....
1-He is absolutely terrified of the car wash....I have to turn the music up really loud and He HAS to hold my hand really tight...he has the most concerned look on his face (borderline crying) so sad...but he actually is getting a TITCH better.

2-He loves to be tickled...funniest thing...

3-Loves to make forts with Daddy and flay hide from mom...who then comes growling around the corner like a "monster" and he screams in delight and giggles ! LOve it

4- LOVES to be Jas and I take turns jumping out from behind walls and such to scare him to death ...he dies laughing cause he gets so scared.

5-He has started to actually pedal bikes now that he can reach the pedals..thats fun.

6-If jas and i are ever sad or dont feel good he goes "Mommy you ok?" while putting his hands on your face... awww you can never feel bad around him!

7-He likes to pretend he is going fishing and hunting like daddy...picks up his hunting bag and says "bye mommy im going fishing!" or he will get on his trike and say "bye mommy im going to work!"

8-When he needs something he will say "mommy PLEASE help me!"

9-He loves to tell us long stories...(he talks really well but he gets going fast and we have no idea what he is saying Its great)

10-He is a snuggle BUG!!! Loves to snuggle us and give us kisses and squeezes!!

11-LOVES his daddy. They are best buddies and when daddy is around he is daddy's little shadow. I love it. But the mornings are MOMMY time, will not be touched by Jason sometimes just quick love you bye and hold tight to mommy...

12-He is potty training....(UGH!!!!!!!! I swear he wont ever get the hang of it..but he goes at least 80 percent of the time in the right place) ... and every time he goes in the big boy potty he claps his hands together and goes YAY!!!! with me.

13-He likes to dance...moves his shoulders and arms and body...aaawww so cute

14-RAndomly quotes movies... in the truck the other dayhe was driving with Jas and out of the blue says " daddy....Nemo...swimming and said NEMO DONT TOUCH THE BUTT!!!!" He also likes war of the was on and I went to change it for him and he goes "mommy mommy turn back the monster show!!!" WEird right?? Also will tell me to turn music back on if I change the radio station...

We have enjoyed him and of course had the most frustrating times...sometimes I just want him to JUST LISTEN EVERY TIME ugh! BUt he is getting so big and fun right now. Other news is we are EXPECTING AGAIN! Due april 25th yay!

We have a great pumpkin patch farm right next to our house, they do music, free hay rides and pick your own pumpkins, petting zoo and maze, corn area where the kids can play in the corn kernels. Hunter had a blast with his friends!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being a Mother

So Mother's Day has passed...this is a little late, but I wanted to write about just a few of the million things that makes being a mother so great!!!

1: When I give Hunter something, whether its a pretzel, toy, or anything and he just so sweetly says "dank you"

2: When I say I love you to Hunter and he says "Wuv you" makes my whole being smile and anything that may have been worrying me that day or that I was stressed about literally melts away in an instant!!

3: When Hunter learns and says new words. I love watching him learn and grow!

4: I love watching as he jabbers away and knows exactly what hes talking about and gets frustrated because we dont! He seriously growls that frustrating grrr you know? I love it!

5: When I say "Can mommy have kisses and loves?" He stops everything he is doing and runs over to me with his lips puckered! AAAAAhhh I seriously cant stand how cute it is!

6: When I watch him accept and love everyone he meets or is around, it reminds me to be like a child.

Each and every day Im a mom, Hunter teaches me something new. He is an amazing little boy and Im so privileged to be his mom. Any of the days I may feel overwhelmed with the demands of life or anything I just have to look at him and it reminds me of the things that are really important and I can drop the things that arent. So many women would kill to be mothers, I dont want to take any second for granted!
To all moms I know, you are all amazing, my friends, sisters, family...thank you for your influence in my life! Youve made a great impact in the lives of those you care for!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunter's jabbers

What kid do you know of actually asks you to tickle them all the time??
If you dont know of any, now you do. Hunter asks us every time we are in the car..
"mommy, daddy...tickle" with a big smile on his face
"You want us to tickle you HunteR?"
"UH HUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!" (which by the way is the cutest uh huh in the highest pitched voice I absolutely love it)

The other day I was folding laundry and Hunter runs around the corner...
"" as he dragged me into his room and started throwing balls at me. So we played for a bit and I said ok mom has to go fold some more laundry... Hunter dropped the ball... looked at me so seriously and said "mom....NOO" He just wanted me to play. (These moments dont last long so things like laundry can wait)

I was driving Hunter home from visiting my mom and he had fruit snacks (the welchs mixed berry kind) and he pulls out a berry and goes..."Mommy...mommy BWOOO!!! BWOOO!!!" I looked back and sure enough the berry he had was a blue one.. WHo is this child? haha

Hunter loves to snuggle us and give us kisses.. I love being able to say give mommy kisses and he stops everything turns around with puckered lips to kiss me... How long can I do this for again??
His favorite show is Kung fu Panda... No lie we watch it every day and every night... just recently he loves to laugh hysterically at all the truly funny parts. Its hilarious! He laughs so hard which makes jas and I laugh so hard which makes him laugh harder and us...its a vicious cycle of wonderfulness!!

He also loves to say "Mommy, daddy!!!! WOOAAHH CRAZY!!!... or mommy daddy!!! Lkajdfaoepugjalk asldkjgaoiwejgaskdj lakdjgoiajegkjlkjdaoigj ? " Love the jabbering.
"Peace out, buh bye, and wuv wu" are some of our favorites.

He says his prayers which are the cutest thing on the planet...all we understand is "Waymen!" for Amen at the end hehe.

Jason and I talk to him and he understands everything we say... the other night Jas said "ok Hunter you have three options, you can either go to bed right now, snuggle and watch a movie, or sit in the corner cause you arent listening, which would you like?" He stopped crying looked at him and said "nuggle" aaahh cutest thing. He loves to help us clean, make dinner, and wants to put my makeup on for me.

We love him so much.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A good book

Ok, so a while ago I wrote an "ode to all moms" inspired by stories and talking amongst many moms who feel overwhelmed with the constant pull of being perfect. My resolution from it all was just to embrace the moments we have and do the best I can, no comparing myself to what I see or thought was perfect in my mind. Since then, I have loved watching my husband now smile at the mess he may come home to, and the wife who may not be done up for him on occasion...and the ruined pile of shirts I have from allowing my son to just LIVE and play in dirt, mud, snow, and food (which I will be buying a steam mop Ive decided), because now that Ive decided to let it all go.. Ive never been happier. I dont HAVE to be perfect, just try my best and complement those who do things I wish I could do. Ive decided I can choose to make any situation the happiest and Best I want it to be. Now when my child takes his drink (after mixing all his dinner in it first) and deliberately turns it upside down on the floor because he thinks its funny... I laugh and take pictures and then have him help me clean it all up because he thinks its awesome to help mommy and daddy. Its amazing that when I dont sweat the small stuff even if its on a brand new clean helps Jason not to feel that way too. (who knew right ? haha). Ive always loved being a mother...but since deciding not to COMPARE and just enjoy every has been that much better!
Im in the middle of reading several books but there is one I particularly LOVE... now that I have my kindle on my phone (oh my gosh LOOOOOVVVEEE this option)Im reading every time I get the chance ...THIS BOOK>>>>>>

DONT WORRY...this is not a BASH on husbands book! The title in and of itself is pretty funny...but the book is way funny too! Its been soo amazing to read! Ive felt the desire to be a better wife and just try to be better each day. This book has a pretty cool way of helping you see what you can do to better understand eachother and yourself too. I would totally recommend it to everyone!! Seriously, newlyweds or those married for a while will benefit from this! Jas has wanted me to read some to him cause he wonders why I bust up laughing a lot while reading my book next to him. ITs awesome!

One more thing... my son is a daredevil already.. Im afraid I would be the guilty one of passing this on to him.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who are you again?

My green smoothie guys!

So you all know how Jason DESPISES anything that is green...or any color other than pizza color for that matter... haha. We have been a part of this makeover show for green smoothie girl at work so we have incorporated green smoothies in our lives! Go to and you will see what its all about. First I will attest that it definitely makes a huge difference in my life.. and SECOND its a miracle worker because in each quart you get 15 servings of veggies and fruits and here is the kicker.... JASON likes it?!!! He actually craves it!! WHAT>!! who knew? My husband eating veggies and fruits and craving it every day. Not only has he made a huge health lifestyle change but he has also parted with his beloved truck baby. We sold it for way more than what we got it for 2 years ago and made a lot of money off it... (how does that ever happen??) We paid off a lot of things and I told him as soon as we are out of all debt (except our mortgage) Id get him another truck. We hope in the next few months! ITs been a MAJOR blessing and huge sacrifice for Jason. Its not a possession for him, this was his hobby, what he loved to take care of. He did it without me even knowing he was going to sell it in the first place! I was so impressed and I think I cried more than he did. He is an amazing man and he truly is a HUGE blessing to mine and Hunter's lives. We love him so much.. thanks for sacrificing and working so hard to take care of us. We love you!

FYI....if you dont live here... It snowed today!!! GEESH!!! Will we ever see the sun and be able to leave our humble abodes??

Sunday, February 13, 2011

For the Love of My life!

Valentines day kinda collides with our anniversary soooo Ill talk about it inbetween them. On February 1st THREE years ago Jas and I got sealed in the Salt Lake temple. It was kinda snowing that day and cold..but we didnt seem to feel it for the 2 hours we were out getting photos all around haha. I cant believe we have already been married for 3 years and have an 18 month old! Yes I still use months, it makes him less old. (and yes I said less old) Jas once said it made him feel all old and grown up (no way does he relate any of that to the fact that he just turned 30 in December). hahahaha.
Its been a fun ride so far, has it been perfect? No. Has it been hard? Yes. Have we had a lot of happy times? YES! Am I excited for the next forever? OF COURSE!!! Trials and everything included.
One thing about Jason a lot of people dont get to really see is his sensitive side. Hes quite the sweetheart. For example, I got home from work tonight and he had scrubbed the floors, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, vaccummed the couches and scrubbed the "Hunter stains" out. How sweet is that? He does those things a lot. Another thing he may not be happy about me revealing is that he cries in extreme home makeover with me..he likes to watch the biggest loser with me and american idol. He also is very attentive to me and my emotions. (girls are just needy, whether its for love, attention, things, to be listened to..whatever..thats just how it is in one way or another)He is so sweet and just a tender hearted person. Just like our son.
Ive loved watching Jas get excited for the duck hunts every year. Hes like a little boy going to disneyland, cant sleep, sets out all his things twice and is extra nice cause hes so happy! Its actually quite hilarious. His fishing, his truck(Its a hobby ok... kinda like dancing would be for me ok..back off! haha) the fact that he absolutely cannot eat pancakes without sausage, or eat grilled cheese without ketchup and a tall glass of milk, like literally he will not eat it unless its that way..hes so funny sometimes. I love every thing about him.
Jas I just want you to know that you are my world. I couldnt have dreamed of a better companion, friend, father to our son, and a compatibility match like ours. Thank you for loving me and being there for me every step of every day. Im pretty sure I will never be able to express the love I have for you. To 3 years, and eternity more to come sweetie. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines.

My fav first

Friday, February 11, 2011


So I have been talking amongst a lot of women lately between my jobs, coworkers, patients, neighbors etc etc. It all seems like us moms are feeling the same. The constant pull of having to be perfect!!

We had a patient come in the other day saying "is it horrible that Im so excited to be here at the dentist for a little break? And then how do I not feel guilty about just saying that?" She said how her neighbors all look like anthropology, their houses look like anthropology, their kids look like they walked out of a gap magazine... and then she feels like she has to ask everyone if there is anything she can do for them like make a meal or something and when they reply with yes she thinks oh CRAP!!! I cant even get dinner on my own table most the time how am I gonna make dinner for you and your family?! Why did I ask that??

Then there is the stay at home mom guilt. I was talking to a neighbor who know how everyone always asks well what do you do? What is it that you are accomplishing? And as you sit there thinking they go off about how they are sewing, cooking for a magazine, publishing a book, crafting every tuesday, designing other peoples homes, being on tv or the easy stuff like getting an award for cleanest house on the block every day all day long with 3 perfectly behaved children at all times.....and then youre listening to that as you look around your house with dirty clothes on the stairs...dishes that need to be put away...dinner needing to be made..your child with chocolate and pizza all over his face and hands running around in his diaper and a dirty shirt..and you remembering you still havent put deodorant on or makeup for the day (and its 10 minutes before your husband is supposed to come home).....then its off to hurrying to get dinner done and then somehow cant get your child to bathe and get in bed at the same time every night and then sit down as you look over at your sweet husband wanting to talk and vent..and hes sleeping blissfully. Gotta love it.

Now There is nothing against all those accomplishments in fact thats downright inspiring to see moms doing those things so dont get me wrong. We arent pulling you down for doing those things, if anything we are all envious of you and wish we could be doing that ourselves!! We are just saying sometimes it would be nice to just have dinner ready at 5:30 for our family and hubby when he gets home and say thats our accomplishment and not get a look of disapproval. Im sure we have all felt that way whether we are doing all those things mentioned or not.

Then there is the working moms. about guilt on your shoulders every day. And not just for you..but for your husbands as well. Most hubbies dont like the fact that their wives are working..its like a whack at their manhood for not being the SOLE provider for their families. Then there you get up, race to get ready because that extra 15 minutes of sleep was sooo worth it to be just a bit grab everything you need, make lunch for anyone in the family you need to, grab your baby get him/her in the car, make sure you have everything in the diaper bag race them to the babysitter and find out you only have one shoe and the lid to the sippy is missing, get to work and notice you left your lunch on the counter at home (missing lunch again), go crazy at work with all the demands there and proving yourself as a woman that you are capable of working hard and getting promotions etc etc just as well as anyone else, getting a phone call in the middle of something EXTREMELY important saying your child is sick or has pink eye at school and needs to be picked up right then and no one is able to go get her/him....then you race to the grocery store and dont tell your babysitter so you can actually finish grocery shopping (cause shopping with an almost 2 year old is almost impossible now) and you feel guilty the whole get everything out and realize you left the wallet in the out grab it come back, make everyone wait..finally get it all in the car, go grab your son/daughter from the babysitter race home grab your baby, the diaper bag, your purse and coats and drop them all in the front living room child included hahaha, then run outside and try to grab as many grocery bags of food you can get in your 2 little hands to bring inside to lessen the amount of fighting your child out the door, get most of it in the fridge/freezer/pantry (in between chasing your child who has now carried the bananas, the chips and anything else into different rooms...) and THEN you realize you didnt get the main thing you needed for dinner that night if you had gotten around to planning it. Improv comes in and mac n cheese it is!! WOO HOO!!! Your brain is still swimming so you dont even realize your child has been calling your name for the last 5 minutes and you have barely acknowledged your husband has come home and is there and then if thats not fight your child or children to get to bed after baths drinks and if your lucky to remember to say your prayers with them and read scriptures (cause we are supposed to and should but arent very good at it consistently) and sometimes its a good night and they are tired out so they go to bed easy yes!! But you walk away feeling guilty you deliberately didnt say prayers with them because you were afraid it would make them wake up more and not go down so easily.... and on top of all that.... youre supposed to find time for yourself. ya right...and your poor husband is trying to help or not help but you just push him out of the way because you have too much to do....

WOW!!! CAn you say overload!!! The underlying thing im feeling here is... why is it that we have to live PERFECTLY... why cant we just live each day wanting to do better than we did yesterday or get one thing on our to do list done that day? And why do we feel guilt when we should give ourselves a break? if we did and tried our best that day why cant that be enough?? I dont know if im speaking for everyone but I know a lot of moms just want to slow down and cherish the moments better. How can we help ourselves? Any ideas?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What the?? Can someone explain this?

Sorry... a little blurry
I came back from work and needed a drink. I went to get some ice and this is literally what plopped into my cup. NO LIE!!

What the HECK?? Im sitting there in wonderment when my husband turns and starts laughing hysterically. (It would have been funnier if he had planned it to happen, but he had to move the junior mints box in the freezer so hunter couldnt see them and forgot)kinda funny

We often find Hunter in the pantry like this....