Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are so excited to know we are having a little BOY!!!! It was so cool in the ultrasound to see him moving around...his heart beating...and he even had the hiccups for part of it so he kept jumping around lol. It was so amazing! We both cried. His name will be Hunter J. Hansen. We are stoked!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun in the canyon

There are a few things I have been so happy about lately...first one is driving around with sunglasses, and my windows rolled down...the second would be not having to scrape the frost off my windows and third would be going up to the canyon with friends!! Im so glad its getting warm enough to be able to do these things! We went tonight with some friends and had tin foil dinners, roasted marshmellows, and just had a fun time. It was great...the tin foil dinner was soo dang good...I wanted a second one lol. Jason of course brought our fishing was pretty shallow so he was not having much luck until I said "doesnt look like there are any..." and BAM...he caught one. It was true magic im telling ya haha. Anyway, it turned out great and we cant wait for BBQ's and more spring/summer fun!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We are loving the warmer weather!

The last little while has been busy! We have been waking up to the sound of saws, drills, and tasting dust the last few weeks. They are putting a new kitchenette in and it is right next to our bedroom. We are excited for the final product, but living in the mess has not been so pleasant. Its ok though.

I went and saw Twilight for the fifth time a week or two ago...I dont care what anyone says, twilight is the most amazing thing! The books are of course ten times better, but i absolutely LOVE the movie! My husband doesnt mind cause it just makes me Love him even more haha.By the way the dvd is coming out soon! Ill be in line. Some of the other movies we have seen together lately :: Henry poole is here (interesting movie, but i actually thought it was pretty good), Lakeview Terrace (intense, but probably wont see it again, we watched Eagle Eye FOREVER ago but we really liked that one! Oh and Jazz games and American Idol have also been our favorite things to watch lately! I really want Danny to win, but I also really like the red headed girl (I forget her name). We have also adopted watching Spongebob squarepants, play wrestling (have to be careful now), and jumpin around and just being kids every Sunday morning hahaha!!! Seriously though, we like spongebob..we learn valuable things like "dont ever skip school or you will become a criminal and end up in jail!" hahaha. Its ok, we like to be different!

We had my grandparents from California come up and see us! It was way fun too. Unfortunately, Jason couldnt get off work to chill for the day, but it still was great.
My brother Rajen has been over here painting the upstairs and hanging out. He is going out to work with Apex as a tech in April...he has come such a long way and is doing soooo dang good! Im so proud of him! Jason's sister Cierra is in Hawaii and never fails to send us text messages saying things like "Im just laying out on the beach with an umbrella in my refreshing drink" or "im just eating at cheeseburger in paradise"--that was mine and Jas's favorite place to eat in was soo dang good! Anyway, we are a bit jealous of her.

We get to find out what the gender is of our baby Friday the 20th!! We CANNOT wait and I get so tempted to go somewhere and just find out earlier! I have had a lot of people say its a girl, a few of our friends are CONVINCED they are psychic ( ;) ) and they have claimed its a girl, but I have had two dreams it was a boy... so we will see what happens... :)