Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Last little bit....

Well, with only 11 days to go....gees it seems like forever! I go on long walks and ask Jason to take me on bumpy rides in his truck all the time haha. Because my belly is now in the way to comfortably paint my toes, my sweet husband painted them for me!! I think he did a pretty good job for his very first time dont you think? He will probably kill me for posting this, but I thought it was so sweet and it turned out pretty alright if you ask me!

11 more days!!

We went to flaming gorge and the green river again this year

Our friend Nate

Me and Jas were able to get away just us and hang out for a little bit. The picture I took of me and him was right before he fell in the river haha! He was soaked!

A litte bit ago, we went with Ash and Cole up to their cabin. EArly one morning we left to Electric Lake to try our luck fishing there. It was slow. Jason caught one but I didnt. It was fun and relaxing. On our way back down from the cabin, it was raining and Jas's truck, Cole and Ash's tahoe and Cole's sisters vehicle just about rolled off the side of the mountains! The mud was soooo bad and it was so scary looking back at them from the fourwheelers(me and ash drove the four wheelers down). I was saying hundred prayers just to keep them all on the road. We all made it safe nd sound though.

Jas has also been able to get together with one of my cousins and a couple guys from the ward to go fishing. Here is one of the pics from his outing.