Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hunter's First Snow experience

Last night it snowed so we woke up to some light snow stuck to the ground. Hunter was so funny and kept pointing to it outside! He said "ssshhhoooddad" with his toothy grin... but we would like to think he was saying "snow!!!" haha. So we bundled him up and took him outside. He was so funny. He kept walking up and down the sidewalks and then sitting or faceplanting into the snow and playing with it. Here are a few pictures of his cute litle snow man body haha

After a face plant!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sometimes we dont realize how luxurious our lives are

It seems like life FLIES by with a child! Anyways, sooo much has been happening! I dont even know where to start! Hunter is just cruising through life! He says a myriad of things now, he says "ninny" for mckinli, era for cierra, sandy and kya (the dogs at grandma and grandpa hansens), he says uh oh, no, mommy, daddy, mama, dada, bampa for grandpa, thank you... he makes the sound of a tiger, kitty(sooo hilarious), and now horse, duck and dog. He thinks he is bigger than he is! He also just learned how to give high fives. We cant believe that he is a year and two months already. Sometimes I look at him and just start to cry....he is just my little sweet baby boy and he is growing up so fast. The things he learns, the things he does, he has such a sweet and tender heart. He LOVES to give us loves. He normally gives us open mouth kisses hahaha so slobbery but so cute, and big huge hugs...the kind where he squeezes his arms around our necks, buries his head into our shoulder and scrunches up his body as tight as he can to be as close as possible to us! Its to die for! We live for those moments. He has become Daddy's little buddy. AT night time he is especially his little man. He just loves him so much and I love watching the two of them together. Hunter loves to watch basketball, football, and of course HUNTING SHOWS! He seriously would rather sit in our laps watching those shows than most others. He does really like backyardigans and spongebob. Its fun. He is the light of our lives. The other day we got to go to a sealing of Jason's cousin. He was sealed to a woman from Australia and they brought in her little 3(???) year old daughter and sealed her to them. It was a tear jerker. We are so grateful Hunter is ours forever. As we were walking to our cars, I said to Hunter "Hunter we are soo grateful that you are sealed to us forever and ever!!!" Hunter went "Oh noooo" and put his hands up to his face. It was the funniest thing! Jas and I laughed so hard! It was like he was trying to joke about it with us or something. So cute.

For my work, we did a humanitarian project with a group we are involved in "share a smile", about 130 of us went down to four corners and the indian reservation. A lot of them administered dental treatment, medical treatment, sprinkler systems, all sorts of things. Jas and I went with the people I work with and their families and our project was to build the inside of a house. After insulating the whole thing, dry walling, mudding and taping, electrical work, putting in was a very hard working weekend...but sooo worth it! It was really fun! We worked really hard, but played really hard too. We are soooo grateful for what we have. We are so grateful we have neighbors so close by and dont have to drive 30 miles to the next one....we are so grateful we have jobs, and non leaking pipes, and that we dont have high locked fences around our churches, or wild dogs at every that we dont have to drive an hour to a hardware store, or send our kids 60 miles away for elementary and have them stay in dorms elementary age!!! We are soooo extremely grateful. Im so grateful We have never been sooo desperate for a roof over our heads that we cant think about anything but trying everything in our power to convince those who come to help build that roof over our head to stay just one more day.... We all live in rich luxury compared to sooo many people. Sometimes we need a reminder of that, im so grateful to have had that opportunity.

I get my tonsils out this coming wednesday, woot woot! Ive needed them out for a very very long time. Im happy for the end result but not looking forward to the recovery.Duck hunting season is on and Jason is one happy man!

Jason's sister Ashli took some pictures for us a little bit ago and they turned out soo cute! Ill end this novel and share some of them! Thank you Ash! You are the best!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Has it seriously been since May that I have last updated?! WOW!!! Time FLIES BY!!!!! Well.....I dont even know where to start! So many things have taken place! We have been to the living planet aquarium, the zoo, on circus rides, to parades...swimming. We took Hunter down to Torrey for the annual July 4th weekend with Jason's grandparents. Its tradition. I love it. We went to Lake Powell and had a blast! Hunter didnt go with us this year but next year he will! I cant even remember all the things we have been doing! We have been having tons of fun.
THe Biggest thing that has happened is Hunters FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! He is a one year old now and I dont know how i feel about that... He is walking and jabbers and says words now. It makes me kinda little baby is getting bigger...and now he doesnt need me quite as much as he used to with carrying him around everywhere. Its a bittersweet thing. He is still such a little guy but he acts like hes a big kid. LIfe has been really good, not perfect-whose life is??- but really good...trials or hard times or disagreements we will take it all!!
Jason outdid himself for my birthday this year. He surprised me with a shopping spree!! He had been saving up his money every month, met me for lunch at the mall and surprised me with that!!! He then took me out to get dinner and to watch the movie Step Up 3! Poor guy... But he was a trooper and watched it cause he knew I wanted to see it so bad!!! We got home late that night, jasons mom watched hunter overnight and I walked in to a house filled with balloons, cake, and a card. My neighbors the bunkers decorated for my bday. My grandma mom and sister took me to a girls lunch at PF CHANGs, my amazing friends took me to breakfast at Kneaders (my absolute favorite...its bottomless french toast who wouldnt??) My other mom and sister took me to TExas Roadhouse (my favorite again) and gave me a gift card to the busy biddy boutique! Soo excited!!! I was fed spoiled! It was such an AWESOME birthday! I loved it and Honey, thank you so much for dealing with me and for treating me so gosh dang good! THank you for being such an amazing husband and father, I love you soo much!!!
Enjoy the CRAZY AMOUNT of photos. I still have more of Hunters birthday I need to put up...hopefully it wont be another 4 months until I update that.

Hunter was able to be in a photoshoot with some great photographers! Here are a couple by Dana Ohlsen! Out of all the pictures we received Id have to say she is my favorite!

My sweet hubby and I.

At the zoo...

His very own first pool

His first cupcake....

He got this face from me when I was a baby...he he

Jason's sweet Tiger Trout! (I think its a really pretty fish--or maybe its just the hot guy behind it??)

Living planet aquarium

If this isnt the cutest thing ever... awwwwwe

camping and loving every minute

When we bought his birthday present...

He LOOOOOOVVVEDD fireworks...he screamed and giggled and smiled and talked and waved his arms everywhere ...sooo cute

His first girlfriend

He has a thing for Hoses....and dirt...and water...and just boy stuff

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Joys of being a mommy!

Hunter went to his first neighborhood friends birthday party! He was soo cute! I never would have thought that birthday parties for little kids would be so fun. I never thought I would live for every tiny thing that my son wonders about, learns about, sees, gets excited over...Its amazing that I could sit all day long watching what Hunter does and be completely happy. I love being mommy.

He would not let go of this wand...he raved over it for two hours!!(Jason didnt really like the whole sparkly wand thing in his little boys hand but hey hes just a little baby!)

This is one of Hunter's buddies! Bentley...They love each other! Cant wait for the mayhem these two will cause (and all the other little ones here)

Hunter and his favorite cousins!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To ALL You Women!! Happy Mother's Day!


Women have strengths that amaze men.....
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.

They fight for what they believe in..
They stand up to injustice.
They don't take "no" for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.
They go without so their family can have.

They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they
think there is no strength left.

They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love.
They have compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their
family and friends.

Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.



Monday, May 3, 2010

April snow brings may...???

So lately we have been living a little inside because of the crazy weather!! It decides to go from sunny and wonderful to snowy, rainy and very cold!! Hunter is not liking it at all. He loves the outdoors. He will always reach for the door when we walk by it and he gets so happy even if we just open the door for him to look outside. Its really cute. I cant run the half marathon. About a month ago I injured my ankle really badly... it still is jacked up right now. I cant move it certain ways. Ive decided to run at least the 5k. Ya...not a huge deal but...maybe one of the next ones. Its still fun to train...just sucks when youve trained for a while and then get injured. It was quite funny though...I picture watching myself as I was running around the corner...bending my ankle in half, sprawling out and rolling down the road and then just lying there looking up at the sky saying...first of all ouch and bad words in my head...and second of all...youve got to be kidding me...whoever watched that just got the best laugh of their week! Its a HUGE bummer but I dont want to injure it more. I gotta wait for it to heal to do any major stuff. Jason has been having fun when the weather has been decent! Hes been stoked to go fishing and things. He cant wait to take his pontoon boat out and Im excited for him too!
Hunter army crawls everywhere still...he now will grab my hands and stand up...but only that..nothing else. He loves to talk and yell ALL the time...and still loves to snuggle (our favorite thing). He is such a sweet and smart boy...I cant believe in about three months...he will be ONE!!!!! Where did the time go?!!!!

Oh and another thing...we have such an amazing neighborhood! We have been so blessed having such great friends here. We also have an awesome little springville Zoo as I tend to think of are a few pics hahaha!! Yes that is a kangaroo...

Monday, April 12, 2010

The B. Museum!

Last week I had the whole week off to be with Hunter. It was soo fun! We were invited to go to the bean museum with Jana, Bentley and her niece Aubrey one day. It was really fun! Hunter loved every minute of it. He loves looking at things and talking to them! When I take him places he will barely pay attention to any of us because all he wants to do is see whats going on around us. Its the cutest thing! He is such an observer. ANyway, I took him out of the stroller a couple times to look close at the animals and through the screens...He didnt want to leave. Hed point his hand out and talk and wave. It was so much fun. I love watching him see things in the world. Everything is interesting to him. He is such a snuggler too! My favorite thing is when I am getting him ready for bed. He will get out of the bath and just snuggle me so close, ill feed him and then he will just rest his head on my shoulder while I rock and sing him for a minute. Its then I dont ever want to put him down! I could just hold him all night. I love getting him up in the mornings or nap times too... he gives me and Jason the biggest smiles!! Every day when Jason comes home ill say "Hunter daddys home!!" and he will start kicking his legs and look at the door. Jas will come in and hunter reaches out for him and then snuggles his head into his shoulder!!! IT is seriously the most precious thing!! I love it! HEis getting better at crawling..not quite with his stomach all the way off the floor but dang that kid can move!! He is starting to get a TINY bit more hair and it tends to stick up in the back like alfalfa. He babbles constantly too!! Its so cute. He is just a happy boy and we love him to death.
Oh ya, this pic was taken by jc penney a little while back

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our friends and adoption

Jason and I were blessed to meet and be friends with Dylan and Emily a couple years ago in our BYU married ward. They were constantly serving and always asking us, along with anyone else they could ask, if they could do anything for us or help in any way. They were also very fun! They invited us over for dinner a few times and we always had so much fun with them! They are genuine and amazingly talented people. They are so kind hearted and we have missed moving away from them and that ward. Emily is such a talented photographer, she took our baby Hunter's pictures a few weeks after he was born and has done other photos for us as well! WE have loved her generosity and her talents shared with us! Dylan and Emily are hoping to adopt and we cant be more excited for them. If anyone knows of someone looking for a family to place a child with, please consider them. I know they would be wonderful, stable, and loving parents! Good luck Dylan and Em!
Their website is

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Half Marathon and Graham Crackers

Our darling son was introduced to graham crackers a couple weeks ago by Jason's wonderful mother. Hunter absolutely LOVES graham crackers! He cant get enough of them! I have to only allow him two squares because he would suck on the whole package of them if he could. He has been so cute lately! He has learned to scoot. The way he scoots is so funny! He pulls his legs and bottom half of his body up to his hands (all of this done on his side) then rolls on his tummy, turns on his side, scoots his bottom half up to his top half, rolls back on tummy again...its quite hilarious!! (a better description would be an inch worm, but done while on his side)We took a video of it, Ill have to put it on sometime soon. Hes quite the acrobat. He would rather roll everywhere but the side-scooting comes in handy too for him. He also loves his feet. Hes quite the flexible little guy and he makes us laugh when he always has his feet in his mouth. We love him so much and cant believe he is growing so fast. (although he is still just a little guy, a whopping 14 pounds and some odd ounces, better watch out He'll clobber ya haha. Im thinking he will take after his dad in the tall and skinny department...oh and muscley of course honey!!)

Ive also taken on a new love. Well, its not quite a LOVE love yet, but im hoping Ill get there. I signed up for the half marathon June 12th. I started training on monday and Im really excited! Im already sore and Jason and Hunter get some great time together while Im off training every day for a couple hours. I get the fitness magazine adn they have a fabulous training guide for the next few months till the race! IF you want to join let me know! Ill send the guide your way. I also work with some amazing women! Boston Marathoners, triathlons, iron man stuff... they are crazy! They love it and Jilene's idea of fun is to run 15 miles a day or bike over a 140 miles a day. Shes pretty crazy, but shes been great and willing to help me with pointers and tips. I love that I can ask someone who knows everything about this stuff to help me. Thanks Jilene! And of course thanks to my wonderful Hubby and Hunter for being so supportive and encouraging! I love them so much!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow! Its already February. I swear I do not know where the time goes. We just celebrated our second anniversary on February 1st! YAY!!! It was really fun. Jason and I have this thing where Im in charge of odd anniversaries and he is in charge of even anniversaries. This year he surprised me by taking me to park city. We stayed in a lodge for a couple nights and walked main street. It was really fun! We went to soldier hollow tubing for a while and it was awesome. The last run we got in trouble though cause we didnt hold on to each other! It was a blast and we had a fun time together even though we missed our little one. I cant believe its already been two years! I love Jason so much and dont know where Id be without him. He has helped me through a lot of things and I am so grateful for him. He is my Edward for SURE!!! hahahaha But he really is my world, he is such an amazing man. I dont know how I got so lucky!

We got called to teach sunday school for the 12 and 13 year olds. Its been really fun. They are some pretty amazing kids. We also spoke today in our ward for the first time since weve moved. It went really well. Jason always does such a good job and lucky for him I actually took up more time than my normal three minutes!!! YAY~!! haha.

My work went to Texas the weekend after our anniversary. It was sooo amazing! Its an annual event where doctors and teams from around the world come together to listen to motivational speakers and learn from each other. There were over 700 people there. There was a man by the name of Nick Vujicic who came to talk. He is a man who was born with no legs and no arms. He is such an inspiration. He is one of the happiest people I know. He fully enjoys life and gets around every obstacle that has come to him. You can find him on you tube. Its pretty amazing what he does, and he is so funny!! He took us from laughing to crying in a split second. I got to meet him and give him a hug. It was an honor. We had a great time and always come home better people. We all wakled down the riverwalk in san antonio, walked through the alamo which was so neat, and enjoyed relaxing at breaks or at night. I have to tell you what happened to me though!!! We received the team of the year award this year which was really cool and unexpected..anyway we went out to celebrate and eat at a mexican restaurant we found there. It was a 24-7 hour restaurant and wow was it beautifully decorated!! Id never seen such a place! We had a mariachi...ya no idea how to spell that... a mariachi band haha come and sing to us at our table etc. Anyways I was eating a tortilla and was listening to the conversation going when all of a sudden i found my brain telling my body to swallow...then telling it to cough...I couldnt do eyes started to go black and I realized I was choking and couldnt breathe. I FLEW out of my chair Hitting Cinda as hard as I could and pounding my chest and throat as hard as I could. As Cinda and Dr. Jorgensen's husband bolted up to come give me the heimlich, I somehow dislodged it enough to cough it out. It was so scary!! My body went into shock after. Tears streamed down my face and my body went into a convulsing shaking state. It was really scary. All I could think about was my family. Luckily we have a fun bunch of women who work together so we found some humor and it helped to calm me down. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love that I only work one full day and two partial days a week. I love being able to travel and learn more about myself and help me to grow. Its been such a blessing to have this job.

Hunter is such a cute little boy. Oh my gosh we can not get enough of him!!! We just want to eat him up! He has been rolling every which way and says dadadada . Its the cutest thing. In the mornings are our favorite. He gets up around six, sometimes five to eat and we bring him in our bed to feed him. He will get done and smile sooo big! He is such a happy kid! He will turn over to look at jason and put his hand on Jason's face and go daadaadaa. Its one of my favorite things to watch. So dang cutE!! I love those two boys. Hunter has always been an easy and happy baby! We are so lucky.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Inspired to craft/revamp

Ok so lately I have been on a craft kick! Im going to be making new pillows, wall hangings for hunters room, a bed.. me and jas decided we wanted to make ourselves a new bed so when we do it ill show the finished project! I found some of the cutest blogs for crafts and got so inspired! Oh, I took up woodcarving for one day and made this for jas lol!!! You can see why i wont be doing this again. When you buy 5 wood carving tools for three dollars...takes five hours and really doesnt cut very well at all! Oh well...

Revamped soap, hand sanitizer, candle and lotion. I had so much fun making these! I had no idea how I was going to make it look..but it turned out alright!

So Before I was a mommy, I loved to draw, but now Id rather play with Hunter (and jason :) when he is awake and sleep when he is asleep! Ill get back to it soon though. It was really relaxing! So as you can see I kinda like to draw ducks for Jas. The whole action sword guy drawing...ya...kinda weird...but I had an old manager who bet I couldnt draw something like that so I had to try!

Me and Jas absolutely love those big blue eyes!

Hunter loves phones, especially to chew on!