Monday, April 12, 2010

The B. Museum!

Last week I had the whole week off to be with Hunter. It was soo fun! We were invited to go to the bean museum with Jana, Bentley and her niece Aubrey one day. It was really fun! Hunter loved every minute of it. He loves looking at things and talking to them! When I take him places he will barely pay attention to any of us because all he wants to do is see whats going on around us. Its the cutest thing! He is such an observer. ANyway, I took him out of the stroller a couple times to look close at the animals and through the screens...He didnt want to leave. Hed point his hand out and talk and wave. It was so much fun. I love watching him see things in the world. Everything is interesting to him. He is such a snuggler too! My favorite thing is when I am getting him ready for bed. He will get out of the bath and just snuggle me so close, ill feed him and then he will just rest his head on my shoulder while I rock and sing him for a minute. Its then I dont ever want to put him down! I could just hold him all night. I love getting him up in the mornings or nap times too... he gives me and Jason the biggest smiles!! Every day when Jason comes home ill say "Hunter daddys home!!" and he will start kicking his legs and look at the door. Jas will come in and hunter reaches out for him and then snuggles his head into his shoulder!!! IT is seriously the most precious thing!! I love it! HEis getting better at crawling..not quite with his stomach all the way off the floor but dang that kid can move!! He is starting to get a TINY bit more hair and it tends to stick up in the back like alfalfa. He babbles constantly too!! Its so cute. He is just a happy boy and we love him to death.
Oh ya, this pic was taken by jc penney a little while back

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our friends and adoption

Jason and I were blessed to meet and be friends with Dylan and Emily a couple years ago in our BYU married ward. They were constantly serving and always asking us, along with anyone else they could ask, if they could do anything for us or help in any way. They were also very fun! They invited us over for dinner a few times and we always had so much fun with them! They are genuine and amazingly talented people. They are so kind hearted and we have missed moving away from them and that ward. Emily is such a talented photographer, she took our baby Hunter's pictures a few weeks after he was born and has done other photos for us as well! WE have loved her generosity and her talents shared with us! Dylan and Emily are hoping to adopt and we cant be more excited for them. If anyone knows of someone looking for a family to place a child with, please consider them. I know they would be wonderful, stable, and loving parents! Good luck Dylan and Em!
Their website is