Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sometimes we dont realize how luxurious our lives are

It seems like life FLIES by with a child! Anyways, sooo much has been happening! I dont even know where to start! Hunter is just cruising through life! He says a myriad of things now, he says "ninny" for mckinli, era for cierra, sandy and kya (the dogs at grandma and grandpa hansens), he says uh oh, no, mommy, daddy, mama, dada, bampa for grandpa, thank you... he makes the sound of a tiger, kitty(sooo hilarious), and now horse, duck and dog. He thinks he is bigger than he is! He also just learned how to give high fives. We cant believe that he is a year and two months already. Sometimes I look at him and just start to cry....he is just my little sweet baby boy and he is growing up so fast. The things he learns, the things he does, he has such a sweet and tender heart. He LOVES to give us loves. He normally gives us open mouth kisses hahaha so slobbery but so cute, and big huge hugs...the kind where he squeezes his arms around our necks, buries his head into our shoulder and scrunches up his body as tight as he can to be as close as possible to us! Its to die for! We live for those moments. He has become Daddy's little buddy. AT night time he is especially his little man. He just loves him so much and I love watching the two of them together. Hunter loves to watch basketball, football, and of course HUNTING SHOWS! He seriously would rather sit in our laps watching those shows than most others. He does really like backyardigans and spongebob. Its fun. He is the light of our lives. The other day we got to go to a sealing of Jason's cousin. He was sealed to a woman from Australia and they brought in her little 3(???) year old daughter and sealed her to them. It was a tear jerker. We are so grateful Hunter is ours forever. As we were walking to our cars, I said to Hunter "Hunter we are soo grateful that you are sealed to us forever and ever!!!" Hunter went "Oh noooo" and put his hands up to his face. It was the funniest thing! Jas and I laughed so hard! It was like he was trying to joke about it with us or something. So cute.

For my work, we did a humanitarian project with a group we are involved in "share a smile", about 130 of us went down to four corners and the indian reservation. A lot of them administered dental treatment, medical treatment, sprinkler systems, all sorts of things. Jas and I went with the people I work with and their families and our project was to build the inside of a house. After insulating the whole thing, dry walling, mudding and taping, electrical work, putting in was a very hard working weekend...but sooo worth it! It was really fun! We worked really hard, but played really hard too. We are soooo grateful for what we have. We are so grateful we have neighbors so close by and dont have to drive 30 miles to the next one....we are so grateful we have jobs, and non leaking pipes, and that we dont have high locked fences around our churches, or wild dogs at every that we dont have to drive an hour to a hardware store, or send our kids 60 miles away for elementary and have them stay in dorms elementary age!!! We are soooo extremely grateful. Im so grateful We have never been sooo desperate for a roof over our heads that we cant think about anything but trying everything in our power to convince those who come to help build that roof over our head to stay just one more day.... We all live in rich luxury compared to sooo many people. Sometimes we need a reminder of that, im so grateful to have had that opportunity.

I get my tonsils out this coming wednesday, woot woot! Ive needed them out for a very very long time. Im happy for the end result but not looking forward to the recovery.Duck hunting season is on and Jason is one happy man!

Jason's sister Ashli took some pictures for us a little bit ago and they turned out soo cute! Ill end this novel and share some of them! Thank you Ash! You are the best!