Saturday, March 13, 2010

Half Marathon and Graham Crackers

Our darling son was introduced to graham crackers a couple weeks ago by Jason's wonderful mother. Hunter absolutely LOVES graham crackers! He cant get enough of them! I have to only allow him two squares because he would suck on the whole package of them if he could. He has been so cute lately! He has learned to scoot. The way he scoots is so funny! He pulls his legs and bottom half of his body up to his hands (all of this done on his side) then rolls on his tummy, turns on his side, scoots his bottom half up to his top half, rolls back on tummy again...its quite hilarious!! (a better description would be an inch worm, but done while on his side)We took a video of it, Ill have to put it on sometime soon. Hes quite the acrobat. He would rather roll everywhere but the side-scooting comes in handy too for him. He also loves his feet. Hes quite the flexible little guy and he makes us laugh when he always has his feet in his mouth. We love him so much and cant believe he is growing so fast. (although he is still just a little guy, a whopping 14 pounds and some odd ounces, better watch out He'll clobber ya haha. Im thinking he will take after his dad in the tall and skinny department...oh and muscley of course honey!!)

Ive also taken on a new love. Well, its not quite a LOVE love yet, but im hoping Ill get there. I signed up for the half marathon June 12th. I started training on monday and Im really excited! Im already sore and Jason and Hunter get some great time together while Im off training every day for a couple hours. I get the fitness magazine adn they have a fabulous training guide for the next few months till the race! IF you want to join let me know! Ill send the guide your way. I also work with some amazing women! Boston Marathoners, triathlons, iron man stuff... they are crazy! They love it and Jilene's idea of fun is to run 15 miles a day or bike over a 140 miles a day. Shes pretty crazy, but shes been great and willing to help me with pointers and tips. I love that I can ask someone who knows everything about this stuff to help me. Thanks Jilene! And of course thanks to my wonderful Hubby and Hunter for being so supportive and encouraging! I love them so much!