Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas Hunter!

So our grandparents came in from California and we had a blast! We all hung out for the day before they had to head home. THey brought Hunter Christmas presents and it was the coolest thing! This rocking horse makes gallop noises and horse noises, it wiggles it's tail, his head moves, and his nose moves side to side too! Obviously he wont be able to use it quite yet but Holy cow!! How come we didnt have cool toys like this when we were kids?!

No matter what we did he would not look at the camera! And every time we snapped a shot he would smile so big right after! That little stinker...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My TwO LoVeS!

These are the two loves of my life! I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love these boys! My husband is such an amazing man! I feel so lucky and so blessed that he chose me to spend eternity with. Its so comforting to know that our son will grow up with an amazing example to look up to!! I love you honey!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hunter is getting so big!

I cant believe it! Hunter is four months old on the 11th! It goes by so fast! I wish time would just stand still sometimes. Here are some photos of him.

I had to put this one on.. he looks like he will beat someone up with that fist!! lol

Well if that doesnt look like a mini Jason...

This one was so funny! My other family linds and her mom tami got him this darling hat at the busy biddy (not sure if thats the right spelling) Anyway we just tossed it on and he gave us the funniest pictures!

I love it when he gets so excited!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Colic Cure!!!

Ok so lately my little boy has been having tummy trouble which has been making him uncomfortable and just not as happy as he has been! It was making me so sad cause there was nothing I could do for him!! Well... at work we have been starting to get into all this homeopathic all natural aids for our i decided id look into and see if there was any all natural stuff for babies. Well the other day I found COLIC CALM. Its the first FDA regulated all natural homeopathic gripe water stuff. Its FABULOUS!!! It helps with irritability and fussiness due to colic or gastrointestinal discomfort like gas, acid reflux, etc and helps with pain of teething supposedly (which I believe Hunter is doing at the moment) Its really helped with starting him on cereal and i think it will help once I start him on new foods too. The only thing is it is JET BLACK!!! Its like black paint! It stains any clothing unless you hurry and clean it. I normally give it to him in the bath or mix it with his night feeding of cereal etc and make sure i have a dark bib around his neck so it doesnt stain his clothes. It seems to have helped his tummy and because its all natural I dont feel too worried about giving it to him. Its awesome! I definitely would recommend trying it out. It only comes online. I feel like a commercial saying all that but it really is awesome! Im grateful I found the stuff (even if it does turn his poop dark!!)

So another few things that have been really exciting to me. We got a free chair that matches our couches! Our friend was working at RC Willey and called us a few days after we got our couches and said oh by the way everyone who has bought those couches gets a free chair! It was SAWEET!! And then today Jas came home with a new dishwasher! FOr free!! He has connections i guess! Its a sweet one too. It has digital buttons and stainless steel inside. Oh I love it !! The one that came with our house was brand new but it really didnt work too well which is kinda sad. I was seriously sooo excited!! Also, a couple weeks ago my boss was trying to get rid of her dryer...our old one was sadly coming to its bitter end and she heard that and just gave us her old one!! Oh the things we get excited about as marrieds!!!!

Hunter has been so fun lately! He loves playing with his feet and LOVES just being in his diaper! He kicks his feet, moves his arms and just coos like crazy! We have been loving every minute of it! I am a little jealous though. Jason has a really great way of making him giggle. The only time Hunter laughed at me was when I was tripping into the wall!! I guess he thought that was pretty funny, but he LOVES his daddy and loves to laugh at him. Its the cutest thing! It makes me so happy! I will say makes me glad when Im the only one who can calm him down or make him feel better. Its something that makes every mom feel good I think.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Every year Jason's mom and dad make chili to serve for Halloween. They have fire barrels too and everyone has a fun time! Hunter was a horse this Halloween. My boss originally gave me a cow outfit but it was too big and kept falling off. Ash was so sweet to let us borrow her boys horse outfit! He was so dang cute!

The Back is my favorite! lol

My little guy! Im so sad he is getting so big!

Uh... Hahaha

Jas is the best uncle...

Our adorable Nephew Wyatt!

Cute Bridger and Elle! They had so much fun running around together!

My Polygamist Sister in Law and her wonderful family. Hahahahahaha! This was great! Shayli, her husband, and her best friend Amy with Audrey, elle and hunter

Haha We LOVE this picture!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our New HOUSE!!

Wow! K time flies by so fast! We have been having the time of our lives with our little boy. He is so cute! He is the best little baby! He smiles and talks to us soo much!! I cant believe he is just about three months old already! Jason is such a good daddy and he helps me out so much! Anyway, we bought our first house and it was finished about a week in a half after we had Hunter. It is a townhome. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 2 car garage, nice big driveway (although to jason's dismay his truck does not fit inside! hehe), mud room (one of our favorite features!)huge ceilings, and We have loved having our own place! We just painted one of our bathrooms and are trying to decide what colors we want to do elsewhere throughout the house but its kind of hard deciding. Here are a few pictures but we will post some more in a bit.

THe dining room

My favorite part!!

The mud room


Sunday, September 13, 2009

.....the many more

Alright family and are some more you asked me for! Thanks again emily for doing such amazing photos!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The beginning of many more...

Our sweet friend Emily told us she wanted to take pictures of our little guy long before we had him. She did a wonderful job! Her website is she is getting a new blog going too. She did so great! Here are just a couple she sent to us. We will be posting more once we get them! Thanks emily we love you!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

He Is Here!

Two days after his due date, Hunter J. Hansen decided to enter our lives! He was 6 lbs 13 oz and 19.5 inches long! He is the sweetest guy and we love being parents!

It was the most amazing experience, we both cried like babies!

I love this picture of my boys

This was the coming home photo!

This was two days before we had him!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Last little bit....

Well, with only 11 days to go....gees it seems like forever! I go on long walks and ask Jason to take me on bumpy rides in his truck all the time haha. Because my belly is now in the way to comfortably paint my toes, my sweet husband painted them for me!! I think he did a pretty good job for his very first time dont you think? He will probably kill me for posting this, but I thought it was so sweet and it turned out pretty alright if you ask me!

11 more days!!

We went to flaming gorge and the green river again this year

Our friend Nate

Me and Jas were able to get away just us and hang out for a little bit. The picture I took of me and him was right before he fell in the river haha! He was soaked!

A litte bit ago, we went with Ash and Cole up to their cabin. EArly one morning we left to Electric Lake to try our luck fishing there. It was slow. Jason caught one but I didnt. It was fun and relaxing. On our way back down from the cabin, it was raining and Jas's truck, Cole and Ash's tahoe and Cole's sisters vehicle just about rolled off the side of the mountains! The mud was soooo bad and it was so scary looking back at them from the fourwheelers(me and ash drove the four wheelers down). I was saying hundred prayers just to keep them all on the road. We all made it safe nd sound though.

Jas has also been able to get together with one of my cousins and a couple guys from the ward to go fishing. Here is one of the pics from his outing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We havent been up to a ton lately. We went to summerfest parade and managed to escape right before the rain pelted us! We then went bowling with the whole fam. It was so fun and we want to do things like that more often. Jason got called to be a counselor in the Elders Quorum presidency... I love being able to just roll over in bed at six in the mornings some sundays and say bye honey have fun at your meetings and then fall back asleep hehehe. He is such an amazing man, I dont know how I got so lucky.

I can honestly say that I have loved being pregnant...until about a week ago. I really have been so blessed with this pregnancy.... I didnt throw up..and the one time I thought for sure I was a gonner(?) was after I took my prenatal pill in the morning instead of at night... I really have not gained a ton of weight which makes me feel as though all the hard workouts before really paid off in helping that area... things have just been really good... although now...its little different. Hunter likes to sit on my sciatic nerve a lot, which means leg pain, hip pain, back pain, its wonderful...just today I was walking around the corner at work and my leg gave out cause it hurt so bad from it! It was kinda funny cause it was right in front of a patient and I could tell she was trying not to snicker. Its all good... I often laugh at myself. I also am finding that sleeping comfortably is a thing of the past. If I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (which happens a lot), theres no say in when Ill be able to fall back asleep...its quite frustrating actually. I also found that charlie horses, restless leg syndrome at night, and major acid reflux become your best friends... the acid reflux ive had for a while with this pregnancy..but now it tends to get so bad it makes my eyes water. Ive never had heartburn before and my heart goes out to those who just have it despite anything else! Its awful! I think I have gone through five or six bottles of tums recently haha! BUT... with all the little inconveniences, I cant be more happy than i have ever been . I have an amazing husband who treats me like a queen! He is my best friend. We have grown through so many things and have become closer than ever. He is such a strong and loving person..he will be the best daddy...and I have a little baby boy...moving and tearing up my insides. Each time I feel him move or kick my lungs into my eyeballs hahaha I cant help but smile. I wont ever take this opportunity to be a mother for granted. I know of so many who want it more than anything and heart aches for them...
Every time I see Jason hold, cuddle, and feed our little nephew I get so emotional!! I cant wait for the next seven weeks to go by so we can hold our new son. (plus...ill be able to sleep on my stomach!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!)

Here is a preggy pic. I think this was a month in a half ago?? I dont remember, but YAY!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ten more weeks!! It went by so fast, but we are so excited for Hunter to enter our lives.
We went camping up at diamond fork over memorial weekend. It was way fun but it rained on us every night and part of every day. We were able to get a truck tent and if any of you have ever seen these things...they are amazing!!! We stayed dry the whole time and we were warm and comfy. If you have ever thought of getting one...I would have to say its very worth it. Our cousins had a tent on the ground next to us and they woke up with their sleeping bags soaking wet! They were frozen! Luckily my family has trailers so they were able to go warm up, but I was sooo happy we were up off the ground. Jason went four wheeling and I wish we would have taken pictures cause it was one muddy ride. They all came back covered in mud. THey had a blast though. I have to say I was sad I was not able to participate this year.

We also found out our friends Chris and Courtney are expecting!! We are excited more of our friends will have little ones around the same time we will.
We have gone to Salem quite a bit lately to go fishing and it has been great. Tonight we went with Tyce and Rachel and We ran into megan from American Idol. SHe walked right past us and she happened to make eye contact with me when I pointed at her to tell Jason it was megan from AI so I kinda felt dumb. I wanted to go up and say something, but there was no way I was going to do that. She was with her little boy and another guy. It was neat, but Im sure she was glad nobody went up to say anything to her. I think I might have a hard time with people all up in my grill too if I were a known face. The next eventful thing of the night was when me and rachel were sitting there talking when all of a sudden we heard this loud sound and a big KERPLOP!!! and realized that Tyce's pole had gone in the lake....hahahaha. It was really funny at the moment that a catfish took his pole lol!! It was sad at the end though, cause it really was taken out far and couldnt be found. There is a triathlon in the morning was suggested that if any of the swimmers saw a fish dragging a pole around.... hahahaha too funny. Anyway, thats pretty much whats new with us... No new pics though. We have kinda been slacking in that area.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are so excited to know we are having a little BOY!!!! It was so cool in the ultrasound to see him moving around...his heart beating...and he even had the hiccups for part of it so he kept jumping around lol. It was so amazing! We both cried. His name will be Hunter J. Hansen. We are stoked!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun in the canyon

There are a few things I have been so happy about lately...first one is driving around with sunglasses, and my windows rolled down...the second would be not having to scrape the frost off my windows and third would be going up to the canyon with friends!! Im so glad its getting warm enough to be able to do these things! We went tonight with some friends and had tin foil dinners, roasted marshmellows, and just had a fun time. It was great...the tin foil dinner was soo dang good...I wanted a second one lol. Jason of course brought our fishing was pretty shallow so he was not having much luck until I said "doesnt look like there are any..." and BAM...he caught one. It was true magic im telling ya haha. Anyway, it turned out great and we cant wait for BBQ's and more spring/summer fun!