Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Has it seriously been since May that I have last updated?! WOW!!! Time FLIES BY!!!!! Well.....I dont even know where to start! So many things have taken place! We have been to the living planet aquarium, the zoo, on circus rides, to parades...swimming. We took Hunter down to Torrey for the annual July 4th weekend with Jason's grandparents. Its tradition. I love it. We went to Lake Powell and had a blast! Hunter didnt go with us this year but next year he will! I cant even remember all the things we have been doing! We have been having tons of fun.
THe Biggest thing that has happened is Hunters FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! He is a one year old now and I dont know how i feel about that... He is walking and jabbers and says words now. It makes me kinda little baby is getting bigger...and now he doesnt need me quite as much as he used to with carrying him around everywhere. Its a bittersweet thing. He is still such a little guy but he acts like hes a big kid. LIfe has been really good, not perfect-whose life is??- but really good...trials or hard times or disagreements we will take it all!!
Jason outdid himself for my birthday this year. He surprised me with a shopping spree!! He had been saving up his money every month, met me for lunch at the mall and surprised me with that!!! He then took me out to get dinner and to watch the movie Step Up 3! Poor guy... But he was a trooper and watched it cause he knew I wanted to see it so bad!!! We got home late that night, jasons mom watched hunter overnight and I walked in to a house filled with balloons, cake, and a card. My neighbors the bunkers decorated for my bday. My grandma mom and sister took me to a girls lunch at PF CHANGs, my amazing friends took me to breakfast at Kneaders (my absolute favorite...its bottomless french toast who wouldnt??) My other mom and sister took me to TExas Roadhouse (my favorite again) and gave me a gift card to the busy biddy boutique! Soo excited!!! I was fed spoiled! It was such an AWESOME birthday! I loved it and Honey, thank you so much for dealing with me and for treating me so gosh dang good! THank you for being such an amazing husband and father, I love you soo much!!!
Enjoy the CRAZY AMOUNT of photos. I still have more of Hunters birthday I need to put up...hopefully it wont be another 4 months until I update that.

Hunter was able to be in a photoshoot with some great photographers! Here are a couple by Dana Ohlsen! Out of all the pictures we received Id have to say she is my favorite!

My sweet hubby and I.

At the zoo...

His very own first pool

His first cupcake....

He got this face from me when I was a baby...he he

Jason's sweet Tiger Trout! (I think its a really pretty fish--or maybe its just the hot guy behind it??)

Living planet aquarium

If this isnt the cutest thing ever... awwwwwe

camping and loving every minute

When we bought his birthday present...

He LOOOOOOVVVEDD fireworks...he screamed and giggled and smiled and talked and waved his arms everywhere ...sooo cute

His first girlfriend

He has a thing for Hoses....and dirt...and water...and just boy stuff