Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being a Mother

So Mother's Day has passed...this is a little late, but I wanted to write about just a few of the million things that makes being a mother so great!!!

1: When I give Hunter something, whether its a pretzel, toy, or anything and he just so sweetly says "dank you"

2: When I say I love you to Hunter and he says "Wuv you" makes my whole being smile and anything that may have been worrying me that day or that I was stressed about literally melts away in an instant!!

3: When Hunter learns and says new words. I love watching him learn and grow!

4: I love watching as he jabbers away and knows exactly what hes talking about and gets frustrated because we dont! He seriously growls that frustrating grrr you know? I love it!

5: When I say "Can mommy have kisses and loves?" He stops everything he is doing and runs over to me with his lips puckered! AAAAAhhh I seriously cant stand how cute it is!

6: When I watch him accept and love everyone he meets or is around, it reminds me to be like a child.

Each and every day Im a mom, Hunter teaches me something new. He is an amazing little boy and Im so privileged to be his mom. Any of the days I may feel overwhelmed with the demands of life or anything I just have to look at him and it reminds me of the things that are really important and I can drop the things that arent. So many women would kill to be mothers, I dont want to take any second for granted!
To all moms I know, you are all amazing, my friends, sisters, family...thank you for your influence in my life! Youve made a great impact in the lives of those you care for!