Monday, February 27, 2012

8 Weeks left!

Only 8 more Weeks to go and some good news! We went in for a follow up ultrasound and the cysts are totally gone on McCoys brain! We are very grateful and actuslly grateful for a little scare too...sometimes it,makes you realize what really matters in life! We are overwhelmed for our wonderful blessings. Life seems to be sweeter when we focus on our blessings rather than what we dont have.
Hunter has just been cruising to grow up! its finally been a week with no accidents during the day and even a surprise of him taking his stool in to the bathroom and going and flushing without us! That was a fun exciting moment! aaahhhh...the simple pleasures lol. He always asks us how our day was and tells us the funniest stories. Hes not a huge sleeper but no matter how much he gets he is always so happy! He of course has his moments of two year oldness but he always makes up for it.
Jas and I celebrated our fourth anniversary February first and we had a blast. Time just keeps ticking! Im grateful for us and the journey of trials that have brought us closer together. Yeehaw to eternity more babe! Haha :)