Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun time of the year!

Well, now that Christmas is over I have a little more time to update! WE loved the snow that has fallen so far! We have had a lot of fun in it with old blue! We had a lot of christmas parties with friends, family and work. It has been a grand ole time! We also spread the news of us being pregnant! ITs exciting and we cannot wait to be parents!

The other night, we went with a few friends to the PIE PIzzeria in salt lake, walked around temple square to see the lights, and watched the Joseph Smith Movie. It was a fun night! We missed having our other friends there though!

The Boys!

Haha he really likes pizza

This is right before we went out for Jason's Birthday

Monday, November 17, 2008

Excited for the HoLiDaYs!!

It has been far too long since an update. A lot has changed! First things first, we sold our jeep. I was sad to see it go but Jason was not. We are riding around with one vehicle...mine. We are so grateful we were able to sell the jeep when we did though!! Jason has had some time in the last couple months to fix up his old '74 baby blue chevy. ITs probably the coolest truck around... haha I absolutely love it!! It always has a new leak somewhere every other week but we love it. Its nice for Jason to have something to just go to work and back. We will get a new vehicle next year sometime, but until then its just us, baby blue and vonda the mazda! We recently got out of our condo as well. We are living in the basement of my grandma's house in Orem. Its actually not too bad. Its really spacious and we dont mind that its old haha we are in savings mode! Things have been going great for us and we are excited for the holidays!!

Jason got to go on a guided fishing trip while I was in Chicago for work. This is our friend Jared from his work.

He is so dang cute! haha!

One of our good friends also got married over the last couple months. This was at her bridal shower. We were supposed to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper...well my team decided to make a swimmer style/80's/exerciser type dress hahaha it was great

This is at one of our friend's surprise birthday get together. Jas, me, mark, camille and dave! We love all our friends!

Me and Jas went hiking a couple months ago. This is one of the trails we went on. On our way back a huge animal jumped around by us and freaked us both out! (Thats when I was really glad Jason was a!!)

These are my cousins. We just did the hike at timp cave. It was pretty fun.

This is our jeep before selling it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun in the SUmmer!

Some of our friends all went up to Tibble Fork to have a BBQ and fish a little bit. It was way fun! We couldnt have done it without Dani's wonderful little stove! Loved it!!! Courtney brought us her favorite treat- wonderful ice cream sandwiches! It was way fun!

We also went bowling a couple weeks ago!! SOO FUN!!! Little Elle learned how to bowl for the first time! She loved it!!

Jason is so focused!

Me and Elle while her mom was bowling!!

I love the action pictures! Go annie! hahaha

NEw Stuff!

Alright, so after a long time of no time and family asking for updates...I get a second to add a new post! Woo hoo! WE got to go to a cabin with some of our good friends Nate and Annie and their little girl Elle. We had a lot of fun!
Of course Jason and Nate were loving to see the deer and elk out there. Here are some fun pics!!


The Girlies!!

Jason and Nate fishing on the Green!

US at the Vernal Wal-mart waiting in line for the most amazing book!! BREAKING DAWN!!! IT was so scary there kinda though..not gonna lie!

Jason Playing!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th in Torrey

Every year, the Hansen clan goes down to visit the grandparents in Torrey. Its a little town down by capitol reef. During the July 4th weekend, there is a huge celebration down there... I thought there really would not be that many people considering the fact you can drive through the whole town of Torrey in less than a minute... We got down there and it was packed!!! They do a lot of things. They have blow up playground things, games, apple races, whatever else you can think of. They also have a huge dance at night. IT was a blast!!! Here are some pictures!

This is part of Torrey...gorgeous!!

This is me Bridger! He is so dang cute! Thats his "Cheese" face

The Girls! I love them all!

We were sooo tired!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

This weekend

This weekend we had my grandparents from California come up to visit. It was a wonderful time and they bought us the coolest vaccuum!! Seriously, I never knew how much fun new vaccuums could be! We are very grateful for it. I kind of felt bad though cause they ended up going up and down 8th north at least 15 times trying to find our place. The construction has really messed things up. Anyway, we also went fishing a lot this week. Now that it has gotten a little bit warmer, Jas and I have started our little fishing trips. We went with our friends, leslie and jeff, and tom and dani the other day. Jason then woke up yesterday morning and went by himself while I stayed and slept and then we went with Chris and Courtney that same night... Its really relaxing. We have had lots of fun! The greatest thing was when JAs and I caught the same fish... (how does that happen you ask?...I hooked it and then it swallowed jason's line in the middle..kinda crazy)

Hard to see...but we are all in there...

Haha...I was so excited to catch a fishy!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ok, so as most of you know, Jas and I are extremely outdoorsy so for memorial weekend we went camping with my dad and the family. We always have a blast. They take the four-wheelers and we all bring fishing poles etc. This trip was way fun but it would have been more fun had it not been raining most the time. With all the fishing, four wheeling, and mad games of football...we are pretty tuckered out.

This was when we were about to fish the river. Poor grandpa paid someone to wind his line for him on his new rod and they did it backwards! We had to unwind all of it and re-wind it the right way.

It was freezing, good ole uncle chad and Jason helped fix that

THis is me and my little brother Brady.

This was a game we all played. It was intense! You have to get the rope either to the top or bottom first to win. It seriously was a ton of fun. You would have to play it to understand. HAha.

After Four-wheeling. We were so muddy!

My cousins, uncle, grandpa etc.