Friday, May 29, 2009


Ten more weeks!! It went by so fast, but we are so excited for Hunter to enter our lives.
We went camping up at diamond fork over memorial weekend. It was way fun but it rained on us every night and part of every day. We were able to get a truck tent and if any of you have ever seen these things...they are amazing!!! We stayed dry the whole time and we were warm and comfy. If you have ever thought of getting one...I would have to say its very worth it. Our cousins had a tent on the ground next to us and they woke up with their sleeping bags soaking wet! They were frozen! Luckily my family has trailers so they were able to go warm up, but I was sooo happy we were up off the ground. Jason went four wheeling and I wish we would have taken pictures cause it was one muddy ride. They all came back covered in mud. THey had a blast though. I have to say I was sad I was not able to participate this year.

We also found out our friends Chris and Courtney are expecting!! We are excited more of our friends will have little ones around the same time we will.
We have gone to Salem quite a bit lately to go fishing and it has been great. Tonight we went with Tyce and Rachel and We ran into megan from American Idol. SHe walked right past us and she happened to make eye contact with me when I pointed at her to tell Jason it was megan from AI so I kinda felt dumb. I wanted to go up and say something, but there was no way I was going to do that. She was with her little boy and another guy. It was neat, but Im sure she was glad nobody went up to say anything to her. I think I might have a hard time with people all up in my grill too if I were a known face. The next eventful thing of the night was when me and rachel were sitting there talking when all of a sudden we heard this loud sound and a big KERPLOP!!! and realized that Tyce's pole had gone in the lake....hahahaha. It was really funny at the moment that a catfish took his pole lol!! It was sad at the end though, cause it really was taken out far and couldnt be found. There is a triathlon in the morning was suggested that if any of the swimmers saw a fish dragging a pole around.... hahahaha too funny. Anyway, thats pretty much whats new with us... No new pics though. We have kinda been slacking in that area.