Saturday, April 12, 2008

US as the Drug Busters!!

Ok, So whoever reads this post will come to find that this story will be posted on about every one of our friend's blogs as well. Anyway, it started out as a great friday night with some of our friends. We went to the Utah Flash game with Chris and Courtney, Tom and Dani, Shawn and Erica, Sean, Jeff and Leslie. Anyway, after the eventfulness of the game... we made our way over to Chris and Courtney's house where upon opening the front door we were faced with the most delightful (COUGH) smell of drugs, which was coming from the downstairs neighbors aptartment. It was so strong!! Anyway, after about thirty minutes or so of itchy eyes and throats, we decided to call the cops and report it. We all waited around until the cops showed up at which moment all of our adrenaline started pumping and we all scrambled to the darkened rooms to stare through the windows.... trying to be undetected of course... whispers, giggles, hearts pounding...we were truly stakeing out.

We watched as the cops walked around the back and knocked on the door. We couldnt see them but we knew they were inside...and for a long time... We were getting excited. In the meantime, one guy shows up with a couple of his buddies and walks around the side of the house... walks back to the front and starts talking to chris... Chris was standing in the one room that didnt have blinds over the window!!! Ah we couldve killed him! ...Anyway,,, he just wanted a car moved so he could park there. After a few minutes... the same guy just took off down the road. He pulled out his phone and walked away. We all decided to go get our ice cream dished up when everyone started rushing back to the windows! The cops had taken two men out of the house with them and was carrying a sack of drugs. They put them in their patrol car. HAHAHA We were all dying!!! ITs the most drama we have all had in a while!!! It was AWESOME!! The cop came to talk to Chris and told him that when the guys opened the door downstairs they were out of their minds high and drunk. He asked Chris to call him once the guy who lived there came back... so some of us resumed our stakeout positions while chowing down on Courtney's most favorite treat (Ice Cream), while the rest of us jumped into Shawn's car to go see what we could find parading the streets. We were all so paranoid! It was fabulous! We came back to the house when we received a call that the guy walked back in the house. Well we called the cops again and watched as they came back. Unfortunately this time we didnt get much action. Cops said he would be charged with everything though... you will have to search through someone else's blog post to see exactly what those charges were. Anyway... that was the funny story of the week for us!! We had a blast hahaha