Saturday, May 31, 2008

This weekend

This weekend we had my grandparents from California come up to visit. It was a wonderful time and they bought us the coolest vaccuum!! Seriously, I never knew how much fun new vaccuums could be! We are very grateful for it. I kind of felt bad though cause they ended up going up and down 8th north at least 15 times trying to find our place. The construction has really messed things up. Anyway, we also went fishing a lot this week. Now that it has gotten a little bit warmer, Jas and I have started our little fishing trips. We went with our friends, leslie and jeff, and tom and dani the other day. Jason then woke up yesterday morning and went by himself while I stayed and slept and then we went with Chris and Courtney that same night... Its really relaxing. We have had lots of fun! The greatest thing was when JAs and I caught the same fish... (how does that happen you ask?...I hooked it and then it swallowed jason's line in the middle..kinda crazy)

Hard to see...but we are all in there...

Haha...I was so excited to catch a fishy!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ok, so as most of you know, Jas and I are extremely outdoorsy so for memorial weekend we went camping with my dad and the family. We always have a blast. They take the four-wheelers and we all bring fishing poles etc. This trip was way fun but it would have been more fun had it not been raining most the time. With all the fishing, four wheeling, and mad games of football...we are pretty tuckered out.

This was when we were about to fish the river. Poor grandpa paid someone to wind his line for him on his new rod and they did it backwards! We had to unwind all of it and re-wind it the right way.

It was freezing, good ole uncle chad and Jason helped fix that

THis is me and my little brother Brady.

This was a game we all played. It was intense! You have to get the rope either to the top or bottom first to win. It seriously was a ton of fun. You would have to play it to understand. HAha.

After Four-wheeling. We were so muddy!

My cousins, uncle, grandpa etc.