Monday, January 25, 2010

Inspired to craft/revamp

Ok so lately I have been on a craft kick! Im going to be making new pillows, wall hangings for hunters room, a bed.. me and jas decided we wanted to make ourselves a new bed so when we do it ill show the finished project! I found some of the cutest blogs for crafts and got so inspired! Oh, I took up woodcarving for one day and made this for jas lol!!! You can see why i wont be doing this again. When you buy 5 wood carving tools for three dollars...takes five hours and really doesnt cut very well at all! Oh well...

Revamped soap, hand sanitizer, candle and lotion. I had so much fun making these! I had no idea how I was going to make it look..but it turned out alright!

So Before I was a mommy, I loved to draw, but now Id rather play with Hunter (and jason :) when he is awake and sleep when he is asleep! Ill get back to it soon though. It was really relaxing! So as you can see I kinda like to draw ducks for Jas. The whole action sword guy drawing...ya...kinda weird...but I had an old manager who bet I couldnt draw something like that so I had to try!

Me and Jas absolutely love those big blue eyes!

Hunter loves phones, especially to chew on!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ok its a little late for that but thats ok! We had a fabulous christmas and new year! On New Years eve we had such a blast and fell asleep at ten thirty! It was amazing. When you dont sleep and your baby goes to sleep finally so you can..nothing else matters! Hunter has been so cute and so fun! He finally started sleeping through the night and I know it may change but for now we are recovering from a lack of sleep for so long! We will take as much as we can get. He is rolling over from his back and his tummy now so we have to keep an extra eye on him. He loves to sit and talk to himself, his toys, and us. Its been awesome. He loved christmas and eating all the wrapping paper and lately he has realized that he can swat at things so thats fun!

The only way I was able to get these pictures was to hide the camera behind my back with the button half way pushed, make faces and hurry and snap it as fast as I could! Hunter loves cameras and phones, the minute he sees them he gets this entranced look on his face and reaches for them!

We went to the auto expo show the other day and had a blast! We then ate at one of our favorites...texas roadhouse...and then laughed our way home. It was a fun time. Here are a few pictures!