Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunter's jabbers

What kid do you know of actually asks you to tickle them all the time??
If you dont know of any, now you do. Hunter asks us every time we are in the car..
"mommy, daddy...tickle" with a big smile on his face
"You want us to tickle you HunteR?"
"UH HUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!" (which by the way is the cutest uh huh in the highest pitched voice I absolutely love it)

The other day I was folding laundry and Hunter runs around the corner...
"" as he dragged me into his room and started throwing balls at me. So we played for a bit and I said ok mom has to go fold some more laundry... Hunter dropped the ball... looked at me so seriously and said "mom....NOO" He just wanted me to play. (These moments dont last long so things like laundry can wait)

I was driving Hunter home from visiting my mom and he had fruit snacks (the welchs mixed berry kind) and he pulls out a berry and goes..."Mommy...mommy BWOOO!!! BWOOO!!!" I looked back and sure enough the berry he had was a blue one.. WHo is this child? haha

Hunter loves to snuggle us and give us kisses.. I love being able to say give mommy kisses and he stops everything turns around with puckered lips to kiss me... How long can I do this for again??
His favorite show is Kung fu Panda... No lie we watch it every day and every night... just recently he loves to laugh hysterically at all the truly funny parts. Its hilarious! He laughs so hard which makes jas and I laugh so hard which makes him laugh harder and us...its a vicious cycle of wonderfulness!!

He also loves to say "Mommy, daddy!!!! WOOAAHH CRAZY!!!... or mommy daddy!!! Lkajdfaoepugjalk asldkjgaoiwejgaskdj lakdjgoiajegkjlkjdaoigj ? " Love the jabbering.
"Peace out, buh bye, and wuv wu" are some of our favorites.

He says his prayers which are the cutest thing on the planet...all we understand is "Waymen!" for Amen at the end hehe.

Jason and I talk to him and he understands everything we say... the other night Jas said "ok Hunter you have three options, you can either go to bed right now, snuggle and watch a movie, or sit in the corner cause you arent listening, which would you like?" He stopped crying looked at him and said "nuggle" aaahh cutest thing. He loves to help us clean, make dinner, and wants to put my makeup on for me.

We love him so much.


Kim said...

He is so smart! I love it! What a cutie pie!

Misty said...

YES - he can come play. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come over and let us see him!!! We should have a bbq and have everyone over. SOOOOOOOON!