Monday, April 11, 2011

A good book

Ok, so a while ago I wrote an "ode to all moms" inspired by stories and talking amongst many moms who feel overwhelmed with the constant pull of being perfect. My resolution from it all was just to embrace the moments we have and do the best I can, no comparing myself to what I see or thought was perfect in my mind. Since then, I have loved watching my husband now smile at the mess he may come home to, and the wife who may not be done up for him on occasion...and the ruined pile of shirts I have from allowing my son to just LIVE and play in dirt, mud, snow, and food (which I will be buying a steam mop Ive decided), because now that Ive decided to let it all go.. Ive never been happier. I dont HAVE to be perfect, just try my best and complement those who do things I wish I could do. Ive decided I can choose to make any situation the happiest and Best I want it to be. Now when my child takes his drink (after mixing all his dinner in it first) and deliberately turns it upside down on the floor because he thinks its funny... I laugh and take pictures and then have him help me clean it all up because he thinks its awesome to help mommy and daddy. Its amazing that when I dont sweat the small stuff even if its on a brand new clean helps Jason not to feel that way too. (who knew right ? haha). Ive always loved being a mother...but since deciding not to COMPARE and just enjoy every has been that much better!
Im in the middle of reading several books but there is one I particularly LOVE... now that I have my kindle on my phone (oh my gosh LOOOOOVVVEEE this option)Im reading every time I get the chance ...THIS BOOK>>>>>>

DONT WORRY...this is not a BASH on husbands book! The title in and of itself is pretty funny...but the book is way funny too! Its been soo amazing to read! Ive felt the desire to be a better wife and just try to be better each day. This book has a pretty cool way of helping you see what you can do to better understand eachother and yourself too. I would totally recommend it to everyone!! Seriously, newlyweds or those married for a while will benefit from this! Jas has wanted me to read some to him cause he wonders why I bust up laughing a lot while reading my book next to him. ITs awesome!

One more thing... my son is a daredevil already.. Im afraid I would be the guilty one of passing this on to him.


Tyce and Rachel: said...

heee hee I just finished that book! It is pretty great!