Thursday, July 28, 2011

WHere has the time gone!?

HOLY COW!!! TIme flies by way too fast. Its been a while since Ive been on here! WE went camping and fourwheeling a while back! We LOVE these trips! They really are our favorite things to do. We had a blast with Jason's sister, hubby and boys. Cole and Ash took me on a hike and we walked straight into a herd of elk! They were literally surrounding us! It was really neat and It made me really excited to go elk hunting with Jas next year.
Hunter is a fourwheeling fool... I thought I was bad?? gees this child could not get enough of them. If they werent on, hed be climbing on them just waiting for when we would leave again. At one point on a ride we went over a bump at a weird angle and Hunter flew forward, hit the gas cap and it put his tooth through his lip! He cried for maybe 15 seconds until he realized that we were still on the he was all good!He would fall asleep on the ride and as soon as we stopped it he would wake up crying saying "No, i want 4wheeler ride!" It was insane. We just love him
Wyatt, Bridger and Hunter are great together and they absolutely love eachother. Its fun to have cousins around his age.
I went hunting and fishing with Jas and our cousin. (This was right before it snowed on us and I froze ha)

He turned 2 in August! I CANT BELIEVE MY BABY IS 2!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! He has been so sweet. Some things about him that I LOVE....
1-He is absolutely terrified of the car wash....I have to turn the music up really loud and He HAS to hold my hand really tight...he has the most concerned look on his face (borderline crying) so sad...but he actually is getting a TITCH better.

2-He loves to be tickled...funniest thing...

3-Loves to make forts with Daddy and flay hide from mom...who then comes growling around the corner like a "monster" and he screams in delight and giggles ! LOve it

4- LOVES to be Jas and I take turns jumping out from behind walls and such to scare him to death ...he dies laughing cause he gets so scared.

5-He has started to actually pedal bikes now that he can reach the pedals..thats fun.

6-If jas and i are ever sad or dont feel good he goes "Mommy you ok?" while putting his hands on your face... awww you can never feel bad around him!

7-He likes to pretend he is going fishing and hunting like daddy...picks up his hunting bag and says "bye mommy im going fishing!" or he will get on his trike and say "bye mommy im going to work!"

8-When he needs something he will say "mommy PLEASE help me!"

9-He loves to tell us long stories...(he talks really well but he gets going fast and we have no idea what he is saying Its great)

10-He is a snuggle BUG!!! Loves to snuggle us and give us kisses and squeezes!!

11-LOVES his daddy. They are best buddies and when daddy is around he is daddy's little shadow. I love it. But the mornings are MOMMY time, will not be touched by Jason sometimes just quick love you bye and hold tight to mommy...

12-He is potty training....(UGH!!!!!!!! I swear he wont ever get the hang of it..but he goes at least 80 percent of the time in the right place) ... and every time he goes in the big boy potty he claps his hands together and goes YAY!!!! with me.

13-He likes to dance...moves his shoulders and arms and body...aaawww so cute

14-RAndomly quotes movies... in the truck the other dayhe was driving with Jas and out of the blue says " daddy....Nemo...swimming and said NEMO DONT TOUCH THE BUTT!!!!" He also likes war of the was on and I went to change it for him and he goes "mommy mommy turn back the monster show!!!" WEird right?? Also will tell me to turn music back on if I change the radio station...

We have enjoyed him and of course had the most frustrating times...sometimes I just want him to JUST LISTEN EVERY TIME ugh! BUt he is getting so big and fun right now. Other news is we are EXPECTING AGAIN! Due april 25th yay!

We have a great pumpkin patch farm right next to our house, they do music, free hay rides and pick your own pumpkins, petting zoo and maze, corn area where the kids can play in the corn kernels. Hunter had a blast with his friends!